5 Tips for Choosing the Right Mattress

Tips for Choosing the Right Mattress

Did you know that the wrong type of mattress can lead to back pains and uncomfortable sleep? A mattress is a very essential item in the house; it is where you sleep and let us face it, for you to slumber comfortably you require the right kind of mattress.

When you are about to buy a mattress for side sleeper at any bedding store, the question one usually asks themselves is, how do you know which mattress is best for you?

You know you are sleeping on the wrong kind of mattress when:

  •  When you wake up in the morning and notice that you have back pains and no amount of stretching can eliminate the pain.
  • Having a fatigue feeling like as if you never slept at night.
  • When you can feel the bed’s under board with the mattress in between, it shows that your mattress has thinned out.

mattress size

Choosing the right kind of mattress requires a few tips and guidelines, once followed, it is guaranteed that you will be having the best sleep ever.

1. Choosing the right store. Buying from the brand you trust

Mattresses are found everywhere, especially in furniture stores, department stores and sleep specialty stores. Before buying a mattress, ask either your family or friends for suggestions. The retailer can also assist you by giving you the right kind of information and attention.

In terms of choosing from a brand you trust, make sure you have gone through the customers review on the product over the internet.

2. Try the mattress before buying it

Although it might look odd and awkward do not let this scare you. It your mattress and you are going to be using it for a long time, the day you are going to window shop for mattresses wear comfortable clothing because you will be required to lie on it for about 10 minutes. Test it in all positions, especially the one you normally sleep in, sit on it and make sure it is firm and not saggy.

3. Making sure your mattress fits your bed base

It is usually advisable to buy a bed and a mattress together, but what if that is not the case? You are required to measure your base so as to determine the size of mattress you might require. Choosing the right dimensions prevents it from sagging and ensures adequate ventilation of the mattress.

4. Make use of the retail sales associate

Make sure they are knowledgeable and willing to answer your questions. Be inquisitive and look for detailed information that you require, if they cannot answer your question, go to another store.

5. Determine your budget and need

If you sense that it is a high time that you require a mattress, then it is best you begin budgeting on how much you are going to spend on. The best mattresses are usually the most expensive, which if you decide to buy that one it will have been worth it because it is going to last longer, unlike buying cheap mattresses then spending more money to buy another.

To conclude sleep is an important activity in the human anatomy plus it helps in developing your brain, for good sleep you require the right kind of mattress.


The How-to of an Above Ground Pool Installation


The above ground pools are an ideal option if you are looking for a cost effective way of getting a pool in your home for you and your family to beat the heat this summer. They are available in a range of different sizes so you can pretty easily choose the one suitable for your backyard or wherever you’re planning to install this pool. Now one of the important things you need to be concerned about while considering an above ground pool for your home is the installation.


What is the Cost of Installation?


If you want to call the professionals to deal with the whole installation process, just to make sure that your pool is installed as it should be, the surface is leveled flawlessly and everything else is perfect so that the pool will last through years for you. Now, this will definitely cost you some extra bucks, as you’ve already put some cash out for buying the pool.
The installation cost depends on the size of the pool, normally it’s around $1000 or more.

The Installation Guide!

Now, if you’re not one of those who want to spend extra cash on installation of the pool and want to take matters in your own hands, you can actually go for it as the installation is not that problematic, especially if you’re going for the one of the Intex Swimming pools.
Yes, the whole installation process is pretty time consuming but not an extremely hard one.
The initial step is to get together everything that you may require, this includes tools like shovel and the pool kit. After that, you need to find the perfect spot that is suitable for the pool in your home. From that point, you should allot an area of your yard that is somewhat bigger than your newly bought best above ground pool. This will end up being the range that you have to level and clear. You need to remove all kinds of debris from this area that can puncture the pool and level it. You can use sand here as well.
Mostly, a plastic cloth comes with the pool that must be utilized on the bottom of the pool.
Next, you should put down the above ground pool liner and extend it on the canvas and afterward put the railings together. Or simply spread the liner, if you’re using an inflatable pool and swell the ring. Now you can start to slowly cover the bottom by filling it with water. Also, remember getting rid of wrinkles is a must here.
If you’re using an Intex Metal Frame Pool, you need to use the pool setup instructions here to carefully arrange the supports and slide the posts through the holes in the pool. After this, you need to carefully monitor the pool when you fill it with water. You need to look for the wrinkles and edges of the pool, because if they are off balance, they can damage the walls of the pool.
Finally, you need to connect hoses and pumps as you fill the pool with water. Once it is filled, you can add the essential chemicals to make sure that the water doesn’t get cloudy and perfect for swimming.

The Guide to Winterizing of an Above Ground Pool


As the season changes from summer to winter, a lot of other things change with them, as well. Things like your car, you need to make sure that everything is in working condition under the hood and the water in the motor wont freeze, you got to check your home as well and make sure that there are no drafty areas. Similarly, you need to make some changes as far as your home pool is concerned, and unfortunately the change is that you need to close it for the winters. Many people do not consider closing their pools in the winter as they don’t know the significance of closing it. This is the main reason why they end up with their pools looking slimy and greenish when they try to use it for the next summer. And then, they need to drain it again and start the whole process from the very beginning, which can and WILL take a lot of effort and time, as well.
So to prevent this from happening, you can winterize your above ground pool, it is not really a complicated task, it will take a little effort and you will have your swimming pool nearly ready for next summer.

Importance of Winterizing your Pool

In places where ice is frequently an issue for individuals, pools can also endure a hit. The ice expands when it freezes and contracts when it defrosts. The equipment like filter, pump and pipes will experience the ill effects of this relentless weight and discharge. In the southern ranges, where freezing is not really a noteworthy concern, development of algae in the pool can be a headache for you. As it brings another issue since it can affect the way your pool looks and the amount of exertion you will need to put into cleaning it next summer. In any way, you will need to spend some extra cash in order to replace or repair the parts.
Steps involved in Winterizing your Pool!
The first thing you need to do is add the necessary chemicals in the pool to ensure the pH level, calcium hardness and alkalinity of the pool remains balanced. This is important as it will protect the pool from different issues. You need to add these chemicals a day before you start cleaning the pool.
After this, you need to perform a shock treatment on the pool and connect the filter so the circulation doesn’t stop. You can add an algaecide in the pool here as well to stop growth of different bacteria. The filter should continue to run for at least a day.
The next step is to drain the pool so that the water level reaches around 7 inches below the skimmers. Disconnect the hose, remove and drain the pump, filter and other equipment from the pool. However, remember to backwash the filter before it is drained to get rid of all kinds of debris.
Finally, store all the different portable parts inside your house and check the pool for leaks. Also, cover the pool with a winter pool cover and put an air pillow inside to prevent the cover from laying in water.
This is pretty much it, you can now easily close and winterize your pool. This whole process can be a little time consuming but it’s definitely worthwhile.